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Southern California's Country Station

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most concert tickets are transferred electronically through the ticketing system of Ticketmaster or AXS. Tickets are electronic only and must be used through the Ticketmaster or AXS app. Tickets are usually transferred to your account one to two weeks before the show. Non-electronic tickets for other events are sent to you via certified mail. Certain prizes will need to be picked up at the station. If that is the case the Go Country 105 Promotions department will contact you to arrange pick up. If you have won more than $600 in prizes per calendar year you must fill out a W-9 for tax purposes before you can receive the prize.

  • Please contact Michael Levine at mlevine@mountwilsoninc.com

  • Please contact Vanessa Leavitt at vleavitt@franklymedia.com

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