Win tickets to the LA County Fair

Listen all week for your chance to win tickets to the LA County Fair

Win tickets to the LA County Fair

Win tickets to the LA County Fair

From art to clothes to technology and toys, the Fair takes a deep dive into Pop Culture, with a spotlight on LA’s subculture. Immerse yourself in delights, décor and doohickeys from the 1950s on – frozen dinners, Elvis the Pelvis, the squawk box, space flight, disco, Andy Warhol, electric cars and phones made for yapping that also set the toes a tappin’. The LA County Fair will have it all: larger-than-life pop art on the Fair hillside that pays homage to LA’s movies, music, art and architecture; Toytopia; Popnology 2.0; and the classic nostalgic carnival at the center of it all! Back this year is our value menu, the $6.50 menu. Each food concessionaire will offer a food item for $6.50.

  • The Hillside takes you on a walking trip along iconic LA pop culture art and architecture.
  • The Farm, one of the most popular spots at the Fair, is the home of the pig races, a petting zoo and a five-acre urban garden with interactive learning.
  • The Flower & Garden Pavilion comes alive as POPS OF COLOR explores how Southern California has impacted the historic Rose Parade floats, where thousands of flowers are secured to each float by hand before they make their iconic journey down the parade route on New Year’s Day. 
  • TOYTOPIA: Toys, Toys and More Toys! Have you ever wondered where toys came from, who made them and why they are so fun? The step into Toytopia and explore how popular culture influenced the very toys that were once our prized possessions.
  • THE FARM ROAD: From Will Rogers to Will Smith, travel with us through decades of the Wild Wild West as represented in POP Culture, as we explore the American frontier that comprises the geography, history, folklore and cultural expression of life in the forward wave of the American expansion that began with the English colonial settlements. 
  • POPNOLOGY 2.0 – Celebrating POPular Culture’s Impact on TechNOLOGY, The cross between pop culture and technology: This interactive, engaging exhibit shows how technology has been influenced by movies, books, television, art and futurists.
  • End of Summer Concert Series – The End of Summer Concert Series, presented by Chevrolet, features 13 nights of entertainment with some of the biggest names in Rock, Latin, Country and R&B music.

New for 2019, each weekend will include a music and arts festival featuring the diversity of LA County. This year’s theme is sure to offer a great time for everyone.

Listen all week for your chance to win tickets to the LA County Fair!

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