Watch Jon Pardi's "She Ain't In It" Music Video

An old-style video.

Watch Jon Pardi's "She Ain't In It" Music Video

February 7, 2018 10:37 AM

John Pardi has released the music video for his single, "She Ain't In It."

"The treatment almost reminded me of the movie Hud, starring Paul Newman," Pardi told ET. "I loved that it was entirely in black and white, and a mini-movie. This is definitely the most cinematic video to date and leans toward the emotion behind the song and the nostalgia of long-lost love." 

The song was actually on hold to be recorded by George Strait, and as soon as it became available Pardi jumped right on the chance to record it.

"I really loved this song when I first heard it. I listened to it multiple times and loved that it was reminiscent of an older era of country music, but still delivered a heartbreaking mix of lyrics and melody," Pardi said.

Check out the music video for "She Ain't In It" below:

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