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Jason Aldean talks returning to the
Jason Aldean talks returning to the "writer's chair" for 'Highway Desperado' September 19, 2023 3:00 AM
Courtesy of BBR Music Group

While the music industry has changed over the years, one thing hasn't changed for Jason Aldean - the way he puts together an album. 

"The way we cut albums, our formula for that has been the same since day one. I got the same producer, same bands, everything," Jason tells ABC Audio. "It's just so much fun to get in there with those guys and start making music again, you know?"

Jason's new album, Highway Desperado, marks his return to songwriting.

"I started writing a little bit more for this album. So something that a lot of people don't know [is] I moved to town as a songwriter. That's how I got here," says Jason. "Songwriting was something I liked, but I never loved it. I can do it. I love performing, I didn't love writing songs. And so when I didn't have to do it, I just didn't."

However, that changed when Jason was brainstorming for his next project.

"I started getting some ideas [of] things I wanted to put out on this album," he recalls. "So I got back in the writer's chair and started writing some songs with a couple of guys in my band that have been really hot lately. It was really fun to get in the studio and see those songs come to life and get ready to release this new batch of music that we've been working on for so long."

Jason's currently #4 on the country charts with his single "Try That In A Small Town." The track, alongside "Let Your Boys Be Country" and "Tough Crowd," will be featured on Highway Desperado, arriving November 3.

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