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Updated: 9/3/2017 20:54

Hi, I'm Bear! Do you know someone who has a handicap but still gets around great? Just like me! I only I have 3 legs, but you would never know because I don't let it bother me. I was hit by a car several years ago, and had my back leg removed - but now, I'm as good as any 4 legged dog! I was told I am a Shepherd mix and maybe I have some Shiba Inu.. whatever I am, I know I'm cute! Im about 8 years old and all of love! Since I'm a big guy, I don't have a ton of stamina and have short bursts of energy. I am very good on a leash and like short walks (1 mile is perfect), playing with a toy, or just snoozing in the sun. I'm crazy for humans of all sizes and ages, but I do not jump on people. I would love to be a companion for older/bigger kids (who I can't accidentally knock over with my "wobbly" self).

Hello world! My name is Oliver and I'm a handsome fellow just shy of 9 years old. I've been described as sweet, boyish and very loving. I was in a home but my dad is very allergic to me and my new friends at Karma Rescue promise me my next family will stick with me through thick and thin! I'm the rascally sort that knows exactly what you're up to as I'm a cat after all! I love to be around humans and I lived with a dog friend. Most days, you will find me content up in my cat tree just soaking up the rays and clocking in the hours for my beauty rest as it takes work to look this good. I'm a morning person and love to chat so I hope you're ready to gossip! I'm really excited to be venturing off on my own and hope you think I'm pretty special and ask to meet me. It's a big world after all and I could use a new best friend!


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