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Bob Wondries Ford – Family Owned Since 1950 and Part of the Go Country 105 Family for 6 Years! Call Chris Greco at 888-999-1051 OR email him directly at chris@bobwondriesford.com

Updated: 9/29/2015 09:41

Buying a car can be a stressful experience that lasts well past the actual signing of the dotted line, so when I tell you that Bob Wondries Ford is the place to be, this is why. Anyone can sell you a car, but can they make you feel great about doing so, that is exactly what Chris Greco and Bob Wondries Ford will do for you. From the sales team, to the dealership managers, and maintenance department you will be treated with respect, not just another number or statistic. Trust is a premium in this life and you can trust Chris Greco to find the right deal for you so that you enjoy what you get. Its a real family feel to Bob Wondries Ford and so, if you are looking for a Ford and you need someone you can trust, Chris Greco is your man... He has been a part of the Go Country 105 family for 6 years now and Im proud to say I am planning to become the newest addition to the Bob Wondries family!

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Chris Greco, General Manager of Bob Wondries Ford says "New tires and a little maintenance can raise your gas mileage!"...



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